Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fresh Start - New Year - January 18, 2018

Happy 2018! I hope and pray the holiday season was one of rest and restoration for all of you.  I must say, my 2017 ended a whole lot better than it began.  I cannot say I'd ever want to re-live the first half of 2017.  It was incredible growth at best and very painful at worst.  My marriage of 8 years officially ended one day shy of what would have been our 8 year wedding anniversary.  We separated over the spring and my life as I knew it was completely turned upside down.  But, I do not regret my decision to walk away from a relationship that was full of control and oppression.  My days were filled with fear I'd disappoint my spouse or do things "wrong." After walking on eggshells for years, I decided I'd had enough.  Not only for myself and the sake of my own sanity, but for my daughter as well.  My goal as a mother has always been to provide a life for her that is one of empowerment and love and positive thoughts.  I get to do that now and it is worth every single stressful moment over the past year.

Of course, I'm not advocating divorce.  However, when your spouse isn't holding up their end of the bargain and you're basically parenting 'a la solo,' then tough decisions must be made.  Unfortunately, single parenting was exactly where I'd been for 5 years.  It was time to move on and allow myself an opportunity to be truly happy with a partner who wants to be with me and is actually present in my life.  A spouse on paper does not a spouse make.  Making memories together for a lifetime is what I signed up for.  Unfortunately, that is far from what I got.  But, I realized... I didn't have to just settle for that.  I could walk away.  This is my life, my story.  And my little girl will look to it as a road map for her own life.  I want her road map to be one of a strong woman who lived her life and not the life others told her she ought to live or a life endured.  No.  We get ONE chance.  One.  And I intend to live it to the fullest and surround myself only with positive and loving people... partner included.

2018 is a fresh start.  I have a lot of plans to make this one a year for the history books! Celebrate with me and live your best life!


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Been a While... Let's Play a Game - 10.31.2017

It has been 6 months or so since I last wrote.  I've missed writing.  It's always been one of my greatest joys.  However, life got hectic.  Very hectic.  And so, writing took a back seat.  However, things are beginning to settle down once again and that has given me a certain peace of mind.  One that has cleared my thoughts and is allowing my creative juices to start flowing once more.

I have been given a new lease on life and I am feeling incredibly grateful.  My old life now lies behind me and a new, bright future awaits.  Living small is still an incredibly important part of my life.  I now live in an 840 sq. foot bungalow with my kiddo. We maximize space and utilize every single room to its fullest potential.  We're happier than ever before and our carbon footprint remains small.

The blog will continue to focus on living small.  I cannot wait to share more content with you as this year ends and 2018 awaits.

Tomorrow is November 1st.  I will be taking on the #minimalismgame for the month.  I've played this game many times before and it has helped me in de-cluttering over the years and maintenance.  However, this month I will take it on at work.  As a teacher, I accumulate A LOT of random stuff. Clutter isn't just a problem at home, like most people would assume.  It can become quite an issue in our workspace and affect our productivity.

I encourage all of you to give it a go.  Whether you do it at home or at work, it is absolutely worth it.

Good luck!


Monday, May 15, 2017

Solo Travel - Would you do it?

One of my favorite things about the minimalism mentality and way of life is the focus on experiences above the material things.  Travel is something that has always been important to me.  Ever since I was a kid, I've traveled and always found joy in packing those bags and headed to a new place.  A couple of months ago I took a giant leap and did a solo trip to Germany.  I visited Munich specifically.  I booked all of my excursions from home and stayed at an amazing Airbnb on the famous Maximilianstrasse.  The entire 9 days felt like a dream come true.  Of course I was nervous to go by myself to the other side of the world.  Especially with being a mom now.  Leaving my munchkin behind was hard and a bit nerve wrecking, to be honest.  But, once I settled into "my" Munich apartment, I felt a freedom I had not felt since I was a teenager visiting my grandparents in Nicaragua every summer.  There was this sense of time not mattering and having nowhere to go and nothing to do.  Wow.  What an amazing feeling.

Minimalism is all about attaining that same sense of freedom, but in your everyday existence.  I would highly recommend a solo trip of your own.  Even if just to a nearby town.  Plan it all from home and pay it all ahead of time.  This way, life is as simple as a fiddle once you get there.  All you'll need to do then is enjoy the moment and be in the now. Amazing, right?

Have you ever solo traveled? What was your experience?

xoxo - 


Friday, April 21, 2017

Which Path?

If there is one thing in life that is constant, it is change.  Opportunities come into our lives as quickly as they dissipate and sometimes we can get caught in the crossfire of indecision.  One of the benefits of living a simpler life is that it provides us with room to think.  Clutter need not only be physical.  It can be mental as well and it seems many of us tend to overlook that fact.  We may de-clutter and simplify our outside lives, but inside we are still living a world full of chaos and compromises.  Take an inventory of your inside life today.  Look away from the physical clutter and re-evaluate your mental clutter.  How many things are you worried about that you needn't be?  Is there anything you can accomplish right this very second and therefore move it out of the way?  Pick the path of least resistance and watch as the world just becomes filled with more ease.  Let go and let God.  One of my favorite inspirational phrases.  Let Go(d).


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hello Again...

It has been a while, hasn't it?  I haven't written since September and boy, oh boy do I miss it.  But, sometimes, life does get in the way and priorities shift.  Life has definitely been busy, hectic, chaotic and everything in between in the past 7 months.  But, I'm hoping to begin writing here more consistently in the coming months.  It's important to get back to the simpler things in life and appreciate life and its challenges for what they are... learning opportunities.  I am facing lots of mountains at the moment, but my faith in God reminds me that there is no mountain He cannot move. It's a good reminder for today.  Not just for me, but hopefully, for you too.  Have a great Tuesday and I look forward to writing more and more and sharing life's journey with you all once again.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

What Do You Value?

Wow.  I've been missing for some time now, haven't I?  I have been so caught up in home and work life that I've neglected to write.  But, I do miss it.  Today I was thinking about values.  Not necessarily moral or religious values.  But, just the word "value."  What do we value as a society and what do we value as individuals?  One of the things that appeals to me the most about minimalism is that it is not a "one size fits all" lifestyle.  The value one minimalist places on a particular thing can differ significantly from another minimalist.  That's the beauty of it.  It's such a flexible mentality.  It really is all about values.  

Some of us value traveling the world, while others value being settled and having roots.  Some of us value having 100 possessions, while others value a nice home filled with beautiful things.  The key is to not feel suffocated by our stuff.  If it doesn't bring us joy and happiness, then it needs to go.  It really is that simple.  Minimalism, in my opinion, is not just about stuff.  It's about what those things mean to us.  Plain and simple. Value.  

What are you valuing today?  Do you need to reassess?


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Finding a New Normal - Minimalist Life

If you're relatively new to minimalism I first want to say, "Congratulations and good for you!" Secondly I'd say... "don't give up."  Any kind of lifestyle change will be just that... a LIFE STYLE CHANGE.  In other words, it'll be exciting at the very beginning when it's all new and you're just learning about it, but the newness will eventually fade.  Once this happens, you'll either keep at it or you will revert back to your old ways of existing in the world.  So, how can you stop the "old you" from making a re-appearance?  By recognizing, accepting, and embracing your new "normal."  Do you realize that you never question getting dressed in the morning?  I mean, you may struggle with finding something to wear.  But, you don't actually question the act of getting dressed, right?  That's because to you, it's your "normal."  We weren't born with clothes on, so why is it not ever questioned?  Because, at some point, our parents just kept at it and it became our new "normal."  Now, we don't even think about it.  That's the ultimate goal with a minimalist lifestyle.  If you keep at it, it will just "be."  It will be who you are.  You won't have to think about it, you will just do things as they've always been done.  First off, you won't just robot your way to the mall and walk around aimlessly because you're "bored" and have nothing else to do.  You won't go into a store, buy a top that's "kinda" cute and not think twice about it because in the end, "it's only $4.99."  Instead, you will be so conscious of the world around you that you will instantly know and recognize that there's a lot more where that came from... literally, and that there was probably so much human suffering involved so that you could have a $5 top, that it would blow most people's mind.  So, the thought of not thoughtfully consuming something isn't even a possibility any more.  It just is.  It's the kind of conscious consumer that you are, not that you are trying to be.  How does that happen? Consistency.  Keep at it and someday, it will be second nature.  It will just be.