Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Living Minimal

The Brinkey clan... we live pretty minimal in many ways.  What does that even mean anyway?  There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about what minimalism is and what it is not.  I'm not here to tell you what it is because I don't consider myself a guru in that area, by any means.  But, I can tell you what it means to us.

Years ago, I was your typical 20 something.  I wanted to be rich, successful and filled with riches.  I wanted to own an enormous house, drive a luxury car and wear the fanciest of clothes.  Today? I'm a 30 something (almost 40), who has been through some pretty tough life lessons which have taught me that there is definitely more to this life than the two S's.  Stuff and Status.  I cringe at the thought of how much those two things concerned me years ago.  

I don't care about Stuff and Status anymore.  I care about other types of wealth now.  Do I want to be wealthy? Duh. Who doesn't?  But, not in the way that you may think.  I want wealth in relationships.  I have that.  I value that.  I cherish that.  Minimal living means valuing those things that the world doesn't attach value to and de-valuing those things to which the world gives too much value.  We live simply by spending on experiences, not stuff.  Does that mean I don't splurge on a pair of shoes or an expensive purse from time to time? Nope.  I do.  But, I do it with intention.  I intend to buy these things.  I choose to buy these things.  And when I do buy them? I take care of them and keep them for a very long time.  That's the thing when you buy quality items, isn't it?  We may spend more up front, but we save it on the back end by being able to keep it for decades to come.  So... instead of continuing to bore you with a ramble... Let me bullet point it for ya.  This is what minimal and simple living means in the Brinkey household:

  • Spend time with those we love. Quality time.
  • Find humor in everything... even our failures.  In fact, especially our failures.
  • Buy what we need and buy what we love.
  • Buy quality.
  • Experiences over things.
  • Travel.
  • Buy organic and cruelty free products.
  • Leave a minimal foot print.
  • Move.  As in... exercise.  In our house... it's running.
  • Forgive quickly.
  • Seek forgiveness from others.  Not for them, but for our own peace.
  • Don't hold grudges.
  • Live in the now and leave the worrying to worry warts.  That's not us.
  • Appreciate what others do for us.
  • Don't be a jerk.
  • Strive to always be kind.
  • Take an interest in others.  It's honestly not all about us.  It just isn't.
  • Live small.  Small home.  Small wardrobe.  Small everything.  Just small.
  • Energize others, don't drain them. Nobody likes a Negative Ned or a Nagging Nancy.  Be a Positive Patty and a Joyful Joe.  Everyone likes to be around them.
  • Let go.
  • Stay intentional.
  • Run to the Throne and not the phone.  Pray.  Lots.
Now leave that worry behind and let's live our life filled with intention and positive vibes.