Monday, February 15, 2016


We aren't ever truly anchored, are we?  In fact, the one thing we truly never are, is unchanged.  Day by day we shed the old and begin with the new... whatever that may be.  Old friendships.  Old relationships.  Old professions.  Old passions.  Old places.  Life is funny that way.  It's a trickster, that one.  It gives and takes away.  Then, it gives some more.  Just when you think you've got it all figured out... bam! A new spin.  Our lives are the best book we'll ever read through.  We're living through it.  Changing through it.  Learning through it. Growing through it.  So, why then, do so many of us resist change? Haven't we been practicing it since the beginning of time?  I don't know about you, but I sure don't still look like that funny looking 8 year old with buck teeth and a bad haircut (thanks Mom).  Now I'm just middle aged and able to afford good hair cuts. Thank you God. However, if there is something that does remain unchanged, it is the very essence of us, isn't it?  The essence that makes us who we are.  Our souls, if you will.  Our hearts.  That may grow, stretch, and change through life's lessons.  But, at the very core of it all, we're still that little 8 year old, right?  It's fascinating to me how that works.  

Today, I challenge all of us to look at this week for what it is... a new beginning.  A new chapter in our individual story.  Yes, I know that sounds utterly cliche and corny.  I get it.  That fact does not escape me, trust me.  But, the advice is good.  It's a classic piece of advice.  I've heard it time and time again, as well as I've given it.  Today, I choose to follow it.  Life is short.  Too short.  Let me not dwell in the yesterday, nor worry about the tomorrow.  Let me bask in the now and enjoy it for the short moment that I am given it.  Let me love the me that I am today and the me that I've always been.  Let me make it a good one.  I hope you do the same... Happy Monday.