Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Entering the World of Non-Over Consumption

Boredom is the pre-cursor to most unnecessary consumption.  Or maybe it's not boredom.  It may be anxiety for some of us.  Or the fear of not being accepted.  Whatever the root for our over consumption, it must be identified and eradicated if we are to successfully lead a minimalist lifestyle.  So, what exactly is over consumption? It is the need to shop and attain the latest and greatest when it's not truly needed.  I love nice things.  I do.  I love shopping. Most definitely.  I have what my husband usually notes as "champagne taste on a beer budget."  I know this.  I get this.  I recognize this.  I don't go shopping all the time, but when I do, I go big.   I buy quality and quality costs mucho dinero $$$$. Is there anything wrong with buying quality and expensive?  I don't think so.  They key is, however, the intentions behind the consumption.

If we are out and about, are we going shopping for entertainment purposes?  If that's the case, then that's a problem.  Entering the world of non-over consumption is all about shopping with a purpose and doing it at a cost that will not add a huge burden on Mother Earth.  My argument for buying an expensive, quality bag?  It will last forever and I don't have to go through 10 cheap bags in a matter of a year, when I can have one quality bag  that is a classic staple and will last me 20+ years (while accumulating value in the meantime).  Now, maybe I don't neeeeeed to carry a bag at all, you say?  I know. I know.  But, I'm honestly not there yet.  I have a child.  I carry snacks, wipes, keys, lipstick, a wallet and a phone.  I do not want to carry all that in my bare hands while chasing after a kiddo.  So, as of right now... I need a bag.  Sorry.  This is all a process and a journey.

Moral of this story?  Intention.  We should ask ourselves the why behind every transaction.  Why am I buying this? If the intention behind the action is one that satisfies a valid purpose in our lives and we can do so responsibly, ethically and as least wastefully as possible, I say, let's do it.  Truth is, once we start asking ourselves the why and the question of whether or not we really need the item, I guarantee we will start to buy much, much less and acquire very little.  It's ultimately all a matter of prioritizing the important in our lives.  Once we do that, we will have less desire to go out and waste precious time and money "window" shopping.  Instead, we'll spend our time volunteering, laughing with family, riding a bike, walking outside, chasing after the dog and just plain ole' enjoying life.