Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Time - Our Most Precious Resource...

Time.  We all get the very same 24 hours in the day.  So, how come others seem to be beating us out in creating the life they want?  What are they doing that we aren't?  This is a question of priorities.  That which we spend most of our time and energy on is what's most important to us... whether we agree with it or not.  One may say they hate their job.  But, if they're there 60+ hours a week... well then... it's their priority.  It may be because money is a need.  But, then one must ask... why does money have this type of control over our lives?  Is it because we have filled ourselves with costly items and activities that are, literally, sucking the money and life out of us?

The answer and analysis to this will differ for each of us.  Some people actually love their jobs and gladly spend 60+ hours a week at it.  And that's actually okay.  If that's their passion and love, then they should go for it! Nothing wrong with that.  But, if it's not... and they find themselves dreaming of other things they'd rather be doing... then perhaps it's time for an honest and sincere evaluation on life.  I would encourage all of us today to evaluate our schedules.  What are we spending the most time doing?  Is it what we want to be spending the most time doing?  If not, what can we change about our lives to give more time to what's important?