Monday, March 21, 2016

What Are We Doing For... Us?

I dare say that most people reading this post fulfill a myriad of roles on a day to day basis.  We wake up being parents and head on off to work to be professionals or mentors.  We then come home to be the housekeeper, cook, laundry service, dog walker and on and on... Each of us can certainly fill in the blanks.  Out of all these roles, how many of us out there have one that is strictly about US.  Just US.  Just ME.  Just YOU.  Something we do that doesn't put us in a role where we are serving someone else's needs.  What fulfills you?  Are you doing it?

One of the many benefits of simplifying our lives is that it opens up time.  Suddenly we find ourselves with extra time to do some things we want to do.  What do you want to do?  Yeah... you right there!  Is it to write?  Journal.  Is it to be out in nature? Hike, run, walk, sit outside!  Is it to sing? Join a community choir! It it to act?  Become part of a community theater group! Is it just to sit and read?  Pick up a good book and snuggle up.  Whatever it is that will make us better people to those around us, let's do it.  Let's nurture the person we always forget about... ourselves.  We are often so busy making everyone else happy that we forget about what we want.  What will make us happy? Let's do that