Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Leaving Social Media for a Time...

Imagine a world in which we don't have anything but rotary phones and a little phone bench to sit on when speaking to someone.  A world in which a message is left with a relative if the person we're calling isn't home.  A world in which when we run into people we actually have to bring them up to date on what we've been up to because they have absolutely no idea. Oh yes.  This would be called the pre-Internet and social media era.  Looking back it seems like it was a much simpler time.  Today, however, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Vimeo, Vine, YouTube, etc..., it seems as if each and every one of us is living in a reality TV show and are semi-celebrities in a way.  Think about it.  People already know what we've been up to before running into us.  We can share where we went on vacation and snap pictures in real time.  Our child's first step is shared with everyone we know through a video on Facebook.  I even knew someone who gave birth while posting on Facebook!! Haha! No lie!!! And nope.  Wasn't me.  I actually didn't even know where in the world my phone was when I was in labor.  Neither did I care to know!

So, what's my point?  Can we ever get back to that place? The place of a mystery cloak wrapped around our lives.  The place of living quietly without knowing what everyone in our lives is doing, every second of the day?  The answer is, "yes, we can."  Last year I left Facebook and Twitter for 8 months.  It was a glorious experience.  I traveled all over the place without sharing any pictures with anyone! I texted or called the people I wanted to speak to.  I found out who my real friends were (the ones who contacted me and said... "hey! Miss you! Where have you been!?!?).  Truly, it was eye-opening.  Plus, it was extremely peaceful to not know how everyone else was doing.  Very cathartic.  

I did eventually choose to return as a means of easier sharing with friends and family.  However, being off of it was really wonderful.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Whether you choose to get off of social media permanently or even just for a few months, you should definitely do it.  It will be a blessed experience to get back to a quieter and simpler time.  You will soul search.  You will read more.  You will learn more.  You will love more.  You will laugh more.  You will be in relationship more.  Unplug.