Monday, April 18, 2016

Practicing Kindness

Kindness.  It's a characteristic we want and expect from everyone around us, but sometimes we have a hard time expressing it onto others.  People and situations test our patience and we can get quite short fused sometimes.  It's easy being kind to those who are nice, considerate and kind in return.  The real test is when we must show kindness to those whom we deem least deserving of it.  The grumps, complainers, gossips, backstabbers, liars, thieves, etc... You get my drift.  "Those" people are difficult at times.  But, honestly? Let's be real.  We've all been one of these at some point.  Maybe not thieves.  But, who hasn't complained incessantly a time or two or three??? 

So, next time, when we are faced with a challenging person, let's take the lesson and learn from it.  Let's practice kindness.  Imagine what kind of world this would be if we all made a commitment to do this?  Let this be our mantra this week (and always).  Have a kind filled Monday.