Monday, April 4, 2016

When We Enter Contentment, We'll Always Have Enough

We all have so very much to be grateful for.  If we wake up in a home with modern day conveniences, we are far more blessed than the majority of the 7 billion inhabitants of this earth.  So then, why are we always searching for more in the way of discontent?  Malls, boutiques, cell phone companies, Apple, Amazon, etc... all make enormous profits off of our discontent.  Advertisers play off of it by promising us happiness, looks, inner beauty, peace of mind and a myriad of other great things if we just buy whatever they're selling.  Sadly, we fall for it all the time.  But, it needn't be that way.  As soon as we take control of what we expose ourselves to, we can live more intentionally and make choices based on our values, morals, and ethics.  We don't need to be puppets to the corporate world which spends billions and billions of dollars each year trying to convince us that we do not have enough and we need the latest and greatest to really, truly, be happy.  

Let's try something different.  Let's think about our choices for once.  Let's not let someone else tell us what we need, when we need it and why we need it.  Instead, let's make that decision for ourselves.  If our cell phones are working just fine for us and ring when they're supposed to, make calls to our loved ones, takes pictures (if you're wanting it to), etc..., then why are we so easily convinced that we need the newest model? If our cars are taking us to and fro in an efficient and safe manner, then why are we so easily convinced we need to trade it in for an inefficient, gas guzzling, pay check hogger?  Is it to impress someone else or is it because it will actually fill your life with meaning? Which is it?  If it will fill our lives with meaning, then by all means... let's get it.  Otherwise, let's walk away from the false advertisements.  Don't believe me?  Look around your home right now.  Count the things you bought believing they'd somehow bring your life more value and then, after the excitement wore off, it no longer did so.

True value is found in relationship with others.  True value is found in spirituality, gratefulness, giving, loving.  True value is free.  All we need to do is accept that, reject the other choice and reap the benefits.  Let's be content.  For only then, will we have enough.