Friday, April 8, 2016

Why Is Less, More?

"Less is more."  Yes.  The good ole' saying.  But, how exactly does it apply to minimalist living?  Less of what?  A lot of people believe that minimalism is strictly tied to clutter.  But, it actually applies to every facet of our lives.  From the jobs we do, to the hobbies we partake in, to the wardrobe we build for ourselves to our diet and exercise regimes.  Minimalism is not meant to be boxed up into just one part of our lives.  At least not if one expects it to yield any true, long lasting benefit.  If we are to truly take on this liberating lifestyle change, then we must commit wholeheartedly to it and not just partially.  When you minimize, you will have more.  How so?

  • Less bills means you can work less, which equals MORE time to do.... whatever your little heart pleases.
  • Less clutter means you can live in a smaller space, which equals MORE money in the bank because your utilities, mortgage/rent, insurance, yard work, etc... will be much more affordable!
  • Less clothing means that you can purchase quality pieces that are timeless and classic and will last you a few years.  It means you will have MORE time in the mornings to get ready because your choices won't be so abundant that they eventually limit you.... (case in point... have you ever had SO many clothes that you hear yourself sighing and saying, "Ugh! I have nothing to wear!!"? Yep. I've been there).  When you have less clothes that all coordinate and outfits that can be dressed up or down, you will have MORE closet space, MORE peace of mind, MORE quality pieces, and MORE time! Yay!
  • Less bad food and more balanced nutrition will ensure MORE health! We all hate being sick, right?  We all hate feeling overweight, lethargic and all other icky feelings that come with bad nutrition.  So, let's consume less bad food filled with empty calories and we will have MORE healthy meals that will lead to MORE quality of life.  Plus, your waistline will thank you, as will your heart.
  • Less TV and social media time will provide you with MORE valuable time to spend with family, friends, alone, or just reading a great book, practicing a new hobby, listening to quality music, etc...
  • Less gossiping (better yet... NO gossiping) will lead to MORE peace of mind.
  • Less judging (or better yet... NO judging) will lead to MORE love and appreciation in your heart for those around you.
  • Less arguing and fighting will lead to MORE quality relationships filled with mutual respect, as well as a more nurturing, healthy and loving home.
  • Less shopping will lead to MORE money in the bank for meaningful trips, a rainy day fund, and peace of mind when you realize your car needs all new tires and guess what? You HAVE the money! Woohoo!!!! Can I get a "Yassssss!"
  • Less desiring will lead to MORE contentment.
  • Less negativity and complaining will lead to MORE happiness, laughter and joy.
Today, let's CHOOSE less, so that we may have the benefits that come with it... MORE of all the good stuff life has to offer.