Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Lifestyle of Minimalism

A lifestyle of minimalism encompasses every aspect of life.  From what we eat in the morning to the products we purchase for everyday use.  The goal of a minimalist lifestyle is to leave as little of a carbon footprint upon our earth, whilst causing the least harm to other living beings, meanwhile resulting in a simple and peaceful existence.  Yes. Eat clean and simple.  Dress simply.  Create and live in a simple space.  Shop simply and based on need. Be a mindful shopper and purchase items that are cruelty-free and fairly traded. Spend time doing that which matters most.  Prioritize.

It really is that simple.  Let's take a look at our lives with a keen eye today.  Where can we improve? Where can we make a mindful change?  Could we switch our cleaning products to those that are environmentally sound and cruelty-free?  Could we purchase more fruits and vegetables this week and actually consume them? Could we take our own cloth bags to the grocery store instead of consuming harmful plastic bags? It's simply a matter of leaving an imprint in this world that sends a message of love and kindness.  Love for ourselves, each other, other beings and our planet.  Let's stay mindful.