Monday, May 16, 2016

When Sitting Down To Eat... I Choose Compassion - 10 Reasons Why I'm Vegan

In 2006 I made a life changing decision to go vegetarian.  At the time I did it solely for animal rights and nothing more. For a few years between 2008 and now, I deviated from vegetarianism where I would eat meat when out and about, if offered at parties and such. However, years later I decided to truly stick to what I fundamentally believe and take the next step and go vegan.  People always wonder the "why" of my decision.  They all suddenly become quite concerned for my health and immediately jump into all of the usual questions vegans get... "Where do you get your protein?," "Is that healthy for you?," "You'll be nutrient deficient!" and on and on.  My answer is typically, "don't worry.  I'm okay."  Below are the top 10 reasons why I choose a compassionate diet and lifestyle.  This is not meant to look down on anyone else's diet.  But, simply as a seed of thought to give people something to ponder on.

1. It's healthy for my body.  Our bodies are not built to digest animal products, but rather, plants.  The top fifteen killers in the United States are all linked to the consumption of animal products. Watch more about that here

2. It's great for the environment.  The water consumption and land degradation involved in raising and feeding livestock is outrageous and completely unnecessary. More on that topic... here.

3. It contributes to minimizing world hunger.  There IS enough grain in the world to comfortably feed over 9 billion people.  With only 7 billion inhabitants currently, nobody should be going hungry.  But, because most of that grain is being used to feed livestock, it is detoured from human consumption to animal consumption and that is just wrong and sad.  More information here.

4. I believe that all living beings deserve love, compassion and respect.  Animals are not ours to mistreat or eat.  Rather, we are to care for them.  Read up on how these animals are treated... here.

5.  I say no to dairy and eggs.  Why? Because drinking the milk of another species is simply twisted to me.  Plus... dairy contains small quantities of pus.  Eeew. In addition to that?  Milk consumption actually takes calcium away from our bodies and not the other way around, as we have been repeatedly taught by the dairy industry controlled media.  More on that... here.   In fact, plenty of vegan options provide the calcium our bodies need.  Look here.  And eggs? Well... eggs are the unfertilized eggs of hens.  In other words?  It's their period.  That's just disgusting. More on that... here.

6.  You think free-range is okay? Think again.  It's not much different.  More on that here

7. Animal products are NOT the only sources of protein... nor the best.  Here are plenty of vegan options that give our bodies the protein without the animal cruelty. Besides, animal products contain protein because they are fed a plant based diet.  Why not cut out the "middleman" and go straight to the protein source?  Makes sense to me.

8.  My body was not created to be a graveyard for other living beings.

9.  Before I hear the argument that plants are sentient beings... let me assure you that they are not.  They do not have a brain or a nervous system with which to feel.

10.  If there is an alternative way for us to get all the nutrients we need that excludes animal suffering, pain, cruelty and exploitation... then why not do it?

As one of my favorite YouTubers always say... "Being vegan is not the most we can do, it's the least we can do."  Check out That Vegan Couple for awesome videos on this topic.

I also recommend you watch the following YouTube video for an outstanding speech on this topic... click here.

Hopefully these resources will answer any curiosity you may have when meeting a vegan.  They'll appreciate your open mind and knowledge on their way of life.  If you choose to remain consuming animal products after knowing the facts, then you are at the very least an informed meat eater.  But, there's nothing worse than someone judging someone else and not understanding the facts.  Ignorance is not bliss.  At least not for our Earth, the animals or the people currently suffering from world hunger.

Thanks for reading!