Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Design Your Simple Life

So often we let life lead us, instead of the other way around.  Truth is, we really do have a lot more say in it than we give ourselves credit for.  Envision the life you want.  Then work on it daily.  One day, you'll look back and say, "Oh yea.  I dreamt about this.  Now, I'm here.  This is my life!"  It really is that simple.  Designing a simple life is oftentimes about shifting priorities.  Take a good look at where you spend most of your time.  Whatever your answer, that is your number #1 priority.  Is that accurate?  If we spend most of our time at work, then that is our number #1 priority.  It may not be what we want, but it is what it is.  So, how do we begin to redesign our lives? One step at a time.  One decision at a time.  
If faith and family is our number #1 priority then how can we shift things around to spend more time in these two areas?  Now granted, dropping everything and moving into the woods a la Thoreau style is not a feasible alternative for most of us.  But, saying no to one more commitment is.  Leaving the office an hour earlier than our usual overtime is.  Getting up in the morning an hour early to have some time with God or in meditation... is.  Life is what we make it.  The beauty of living a simple life is that it really doesn't require much.  If anything, it requires less.... much less.  Less stuff, less expense, less stress.  Learn to say no today to what doesn't add value and begin to invest your precious time in the things that do.  That is the absolute cornerstone or living simply.