Monday, June 27, 2016

Go Paperless

In this day and age of the Internet, why in the world are people still doing business with paper?  It completely boggles my mind when we have a ton of junk mail delivered into our mailbox several times a week.  Sometimes, every single day.  And where does it directly go to?  The recycling bin.  I never even entertain it.  At all.  How about you?  Also, bills.  Why do people still request to have actual statements sent to their mailbox?  Don't we know what our bills are and when they're due? We can then just log online and pay them, right?
Well, these may seem like simple things to some of you, but it isn't second nature to most people.  In fact, most of us who lived pre-Internet times ( I know... seems like cave times), got used to receiving a bill in the mail, writing out our little check, putting a stamp on it and mailing it back with just enough time for it to be processed by the due date.  I know.  I was definitely one of those people.  But, I found such freedom in opting out of receiving any physical bills reminders.  I do everything paperless now and it's great!  How do I manage to remember what's due, when?  I have a bills book.  It's just a little notebook I purchased on sale in which I write my monthly bills, amounts and due dates, every month.  I then check them off as I pay them online.  Easy peasy.  No writing checks.  No buying stamps.  No sending them in the mail and having my bills create any kind of carbon footprint.  It's all done quickly, efficiently and eco-friendly.  Plain and simple.  

How can you opt out of unsolicited junk mail?  Click here for links on where to get your name off of these mailing lists.  I guarantee your mind will feel so much more at ease when checking the mailbox.  Your anxiety levels will decrease and you will feel happier.  No, it doesn't take the bills away.  True.  But, it puts them on your terms.  When you are ready, you open up your little notebook and get them paid on the same day every month (For example, I do payday as my bills day).  You then put your little notebook away and get it out of sight.  Why keep the paper flow of stress and anxiety coming, at will?  Make the change.  Go paperless.