Tuesday, June 7, 2016

If You Died Today...

Death.  The inevitable end for all of us.  At least, physically, that is.  It's also one of those taboo subjects that people rarely talk about and feel awkward around.  Think of the last time someone you know lost a loved one.  We immediately get uncomfortable in our words and don't know what to do or say.  We act as if it's something that doesn't happen often, when in reality, hundreds of thousands move on from this world on a daily basis.  We also fall for the delusion that death only comes to those who are "old."  As someone who lost her father when he was a mere 47 years old and best friend when he was only 20, I can assure you that death is not prejudiced.  It can come for anyone at any time in any way.  So. What is this ramble all about?  

If you died today... would you be ready?  Do you feel that you've lived in such a way that you have accomplished your dreams?  Have you built lasting relationships?  Have you found your gift and shared it?  Would you have regrets? Or would you be proud of the life you led?  Granted, I don't think we should all die having done everything we ever dreamed of, because that would just mean that somewhere along the way we stopped dreaming.  And, I don't think one should ever stop dreaming. If anything, we should always seek out a new star, a new challenge, a new adventure.  Dream a new dream.  But, if life stopped at this very moment... would you be content with the life you lived?

What is on your "bucket list"?  Do you have one at all?  Have you checked off most things on it or none at all?  What can you do today to reach one of those lifetime goals?  What tiny step can get you closer to the overall goal?

People are always puzzled by the life I've led and continue to lead.  I have had many different roles in my 37 years.  I've sang opera, done musicals, graduated law school, taught high school, ran a marathon, swam competitively, owned an antiques store, blogged a design and decor blog, volunteered for animal rights, am a professional interiors photographer, opened up a decor book at Barnes and Nobles and saw my face in a picture looking right back at me (as one of the contributors), been a member of PETA (don't judge), sponsored a child in a third world country, owned a 1964 VW bug, slept outside, travelled to multiple countries, fell in love, fell out of love, fell in love again, been heartbroken, married my love, became a mom, and on and on.... trust me, I don't want to bore you.  But, point is... I'm always dreaming a new dream.  No matter how ridiculous it may seem to those around me.  If it weren't for my beautiful daughter who I hope to see grow up, change the world and be an awesome adult... I honestly could die today and be perfectly content with the life I've led.  If there's one thing I can offer you today it is... ask yourself this very question... Could I DIE today?  Would I be okay with it? Have I made a difference? Have I led, up until now, a life that I am proud of?

Ponder on death today.  Don't be afraid of it.  Ponder on it and begin to LIVE.