Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Oh Dear Drea --- Living Simply and Vegan in South Florida

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite bloggers ever.  Her name is Andrea Duclos, but goes by Drea.  She resides in South Florida with her absolutely adorable family whilst living a simple life filled with color, flair, fun and lots of delicious vegan cooking.  She recently published a beautiful plant-based cookbook appropriately titled, "The Plantiful Table", which you can find by clicking here.   As a vegan myself and someone who also has a tiny little family in South Florida, I thought... hmmmm.... who better to ask vegan diet questions to than Drea?  Enjoy the interview and be sure to pop in and visit her blog "Oh Dear Drea."  You are absolutely sure to love it! Especially her house tour! And.... her recipes!
Hi Drea! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family's diet  
Well, my daughter and I are plant-based, while my husband eats just about everything except salmon. With the exception of eggs from our backyard chickens, my daughter and I are vegan. I guess some people are calling that “veggan” these days. We’re not calling it that ;) We don’t have a problem with our mixed diets so much— we all have the same values when it comes to food— quality is important. I’d rather see someone consciously eating food— all types of food— even meat, than scarfing down fast-food and sodas. At home we eat mostly vegetables and some grains, and way too many avocados. 

For a busy family, what would be a couple of easy meals that could be prepped with 4 ingredients or less in no more than a half hour? 
When I’m in a pinch on time— we usually stick to soups or acted veggies with grains. If you count spices though, we’d be way over our 4 ingredient minimum. My daughter loves “green soup” which is just a few veggies and broccoli blended together. Or a kale pesto pasta, super easy. Veggies and millet is our go to lately— something like the “15 minute couscous” recipe in my cookbook, except with millet, since I’m gluten free now.  And rice and beans— simple but filling. 

What easy peasy meal could you recommend for children who are being introduced into a plant-based diet, but who also happen to be super picky eaters?

Really, any of the pasta dishes in my cookbook. They’re all super easy to make (only one is time consuming) and loved by most kids. 

What staples should be in every vegan's pantry? 
For us, we always like to have a few grain options and loads of spices. You can take those things + lots of veggies and make a really stand out meal. 
Tell us a bit about the new cookbook, The Plantiful Table. 

Honestly, I think the cookbook is a pretty useful tool for non vegans. It’s not filled with super “weird vegan ingredients”— it’s all pretty straightforward for people to use severance in a while or every single day! I’m just hoping to add more plants and healthy food to peoples lives especially kiddos! :) 

Thanks for the interview Drea! Cannot wait to try some of those recipes. Yum!

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