Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Duplicates - Toss 'Em

A common concern for those of us exploring the possibilities of minimalism is what to get rid of first.  "Do I start with my closet? My bathroom toiletries? My pantry? Ahhhhh!!"  Suddenly, overwhelmingness sets in and we're stuck.  This conundrum need not be.  No.  There is a clear answer... duplicates.  Do you really need three can openers? How about wine bottle openers?  Spatulas?  Wooden cooking spoons?  Headphones?  Does your dog truly need 20 random toys? Or, my favorite... must you get another candle, when you've got 5 half burned ones stashed in a drawer somewhere?

Let's start there today.  What do you have more than you need of?  Perhaps you have table settings for 12 people, but a dinner table that only sits 6.  Let go of the extra, the excess.  Take that step towards a simple freedom and bless someone else in the process.  Yesterday I let go of extra headphones.  I mean, I only have two ears.  Do I need 5 sets of headphones?  No.  What duplicate item will you start with today?