Monday, July 18, 2016

Minimalist Hair? - The Pixie Cut

To cut or not to cut?  That is a dreaded question for most women.  Long hair is such a huge part of our identity from the time we are born.  I recall people making comments when my little girl was born, such as: "Look at that hair! Wow!"  It's ingrained into our very being from the very beginning.  Girls have long hair.  Boys have short hair.  Anything different is looked at as, well... different.  At least for most of society.  But, come on... let's face it.  Who cares what they think, right?  I mean... seriously.   People don't expect it on younger women.  Older women tend to go short as they age.  But, anyone under 50 with short hair is looked at with the side eye.  Don't believe me?  Just take note of your reaction next time you see a young female with super short hair.  
Why did I decide to chop my hair off and go with this "long" pixie (longish up front and short on the back)?   I honestly just wanted to simplify one more area of my life.  My hair.  As you may have noticed, I get my hair highlighted.  I also get keratin on it.  Otherwise, I have very dark, unruly, frizzy as all get out, hair.  It's horrible.  I look electrocuted every morning and it's a complete pain to tame it.  So, I typically end up wearing it in a pony tail and calling it a day.  I love being blonde.  It's one of the luxuries I don't see myself quitting and I like silky, smooth hair, which is why keratin is here to stay.  But, guess what? That stuff is priced by the... you guessed it... length.  So, how do I keep my hair as healthy as possible, looking exactly as I love it, without it breaking the bank? Shorten the measuring stick used by hair salons to price their services.  The shorter the hair, the lower the cost. Period.
It's also less maintenance and time spent on styling.
"But, you need to get it cut every so many weeks!"  Yes.  That's true.  But, given that keratin alone can run you straight to the poor house every three months... keeping it short is definitely the way to go.  
Now, I'm not sure I'll keep it this short.  I may let it grow out into a short bob.  But, for now... I am loving it!
Let me ask you... have you ever gone this short before??  How did it feel? Did you love it? Hate it?  I'd love to know.  Have a great Monday!

xoxo -