Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Capsule Wardrobe - 14 Items

So, I'll start off by saying that I am a teacher and therefore have summers off.  Okay... now that the disclaimer is out... let's get to it!

Capsule wardrobes.  This is quite a popular idea brought about by minimalist extraordinaire, Courtney Carver's Project 333.  To learn more about Project 333, click here.  The overall idea is that for 3 months you only use 33 items of clothing, including shoes and accessories, but excluding undergarments, pajamas and workout clothes.  Why 3 months?  Because in most places, you've got 4 seasons, and that pretty much covers them all.  What do you do with your off season clothes?  You fold it away and store it out of sight.  You only work with the capsule wardrobe you've made for those three months.  When the 3 months is up, you switch the items out to accommodate the new season.

Now, I live in Florida.  Which means, we have pretty much two seasons... SUMMER and FALL.  That's about it.  Our temps range anywhere from 35 degrees up to 100 degrees F.  Other than that, it's either sunny or raining.  No snow here.  So, from about December to March, we may use sweaters and jackets.  But, from March to December, it's pretty much summer weather, with the occasional 50 degrees on a random day in October or November.  That can make for a very frustrating situation in which to create capsule wardrobes for us Floridians.  But, it can still be done.  

The picture you see here is my capsule wardrobe for the summer months of June and July.  Why only 2 months?  Because the beauty of Project 333 is that you can tweak it to serve your lifestyle.  Since I return to work in August, my wardrobe will change.  Therefore, I only did a capsule for my summer.  It consists of only 14 items.  I don't really need 33 because, again, I don't work in the summers.  So, I'm either home or traveling.  The summer months in Florida are HOT.  When I'm not hiding out in the a/c, I'm out and about running errands.  For the occasional errand? Shorts and sandals.  When I'm not feeling some sandals? Toms.  They're light and perfect summer shoes.  As for bottoms and tops? Shorts, shorts, shorts and tops that can be paired with more than one set of shorts.  

It makes getting dressed in the mornings much easier and stress-free.  I highly recommend you looking into it. What will I do for August through December?  I'll have more than 14 items, I can assure you.  However, I split it into two categories (again, tweaking)... work week and weekends.  If you work outside your home in an environment with a dress code, you will have to accommodate for that.  Thus, my suggestion is to split it into those two categories.  When creating my work week wardrobe, I am planning on using lots of dresses for the upcoming year.  Dresses make life so much easier.  All you have to match up to them is shoes! Done!  Of course, I love wearing slacks too.  But, that does require matching it up to a top and the occasional cardigan/jacket.  So... more clothes... more to think about.  

The idea here is not to deprive yourself of clothes.  But, instead, to make dressing in the mornings less stressful and less time consuming, thus freeing up your morning schedule for doing more meaningful things.  What can you do with that extra half hour?  Read your Bible, pray, sip some coffee/tea while sitting outside, think, read a book, etc... What suits you? Do that. 

Stay tuned for next week's Monday post, in which I will talk about the KonMari method of decluttering.  I used this method for doing an overall declutter of my entire wardrobe.  I will also discuss why I don't put my off season clothes out of sight.  Not that that's a bad idea, I'll just share with you why I choose not to do it (Florida weather has a lot to do with this decision).  Until next week! Have a great weekend and stay present.