Being an Interiors/ Architectural photographer can definitely deflate one's ego when it comes to their home.  I mean, I see some pretty impressive and beautiful homes in my work.  But, when I come home, I make the absolute best of our 1,164 sq. ft. of space.  We live a simple life.  But, simple and minimalist does not mean devoid of color and character! So, to show you how we live simply, but full of color and life... I've done our own house tour.  Enjoy. Oh... and by the way... I shot these with my phone. Not the best quality. My apologies.  I know... I'm a photographer. Shame on me. I know. 

Living Room 

 Living Room/Kitchen

 Master Bedroom Loft - Nope... we don't have a door to this room.

 Entering Master Bedroom

Our one bathroom

 Guest Room/Office

Guest Room/Office
Our lil' S's bedroom!
A present to my hubby for Christmas.  A beautiful painting of our house by the local and extremely talented Chrissy Gibbins.

If you have any questions on what you see or how we utilize the space, shoot me an e-mail!